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We are pleased that you’ve clicked onto our news in English, which we have established especially for foreigners who are seeking the best available service in modern holistic massage. The following description of TouchLife Massage has been written particularly for those readers whose well-being holds a special place in our hearts: namely, clients who would like to experience this exceptional method of massage in a private session.

The description of the procedure and content of a holistic TouchLife Massage is designed to help you decide whether this type of treatment is right for you. We realize that words can only reproduce a small part of what makes a TouchLife Massage so special. You’ll simply have to experience it!

A mindful approach to touch body and mind is our guiding light. If this basic principle resonates with you, then a TouchLife Massage may be what you’ve been looking for. Click here for adresses of licenced practitioners listed according to postal codes, through whom you can book a TouchLife Massage. Many of them speak English and further details can be discussed on the phone.

A TouchLife Massage can only be given by a massage practitioner who has successfully completed training at the TouchLife School for Holistic Massage. Some practitioners practice this massage as a part of their healing professions as naturopaths, physical therapists, masseuses and psychologists. Others, who may not have a medical background but work in some form of public health care, offer the massage as preventive medicine by promoting a feeling of well-being, relief from stress and inner strength.
As the founders and directors of the TouchLife School, we hope you enjoy reading about and experiencing a TouchLife Massage.

Frank B. Leder & Kali Sylvia Gräfin von Kalckreuth

Frank B. Leder

  • Born 1962
  • Massage therapist (state licensed both in Germany, 1986 and with the A.M.T.A. American Massage Therapy Association 1984),
  • Natural Health Educator (Heartwood College for the Natural Healing Arts, California),
  • Massage instructor;
  • Author of ‚Glücksgriffe‘ (2009), ‚Achtsamkeitsmeditation und Wege zur Einsicht‘ (2012) and ‚Goldene Massageregeln‘ (2016), unfortunately not translated yet into English.
  • training in Vipassana Meditation with Ruth Denison (1981-2015) and
  • energywork with Michael Barnett (1985-2019).

Kali Sylvia Gräfin von Kalckreuth

  • Born 1959
  • Massage instructor and bodyworker;
  • author of ‚Glücksgriffe‘ (2009) and ‚Goldene Massageregeln‘ (2016),
  • trained in Tai Chi and Qi Gong;
  • studied energy balancing with Michael Barnett (1984-2019) and breath and bodywork with Varuni Elin Hansen (1985);
  • training in Vipassana Meditation with Ruth Denison (1988-2015).

Where did the TouchLife Massage originate?

Our English name„TouchLife“ (a registered trademark since 1996), expresses two things for us: „touching life“ and „being touched by life“. What is that special „touch“ during a TouchLife Massage all about? That which has become tight, frozen or stuck, and perhaps even causes pain, is brought into motion through touch and helped to dissolve. As a result, change, softness, ease and connectivity can take place.

The elementary, life-celebrating strength of touch is a source of enormous support and nourishment. It stands to reason that touch is the foundation upon which every other form of medicine was built. Touch warms, protects, revives, connects, heals. Touch, in a respectful and attentive manner, can strengthen our vitality and self-acceptance. As a result, the health-promoting aspect of touch has been researched and administered in all cultures. The principles upon which massage is based are as old as man himself. Every movement and stroke in a TouchLife Massage goes back to the roots of this ancient art. It seeks a reconnection with that which has always moved human beings deeply and supported them on their path.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the courageous work of pioneering doctors such as Freud, Jung, Reich and Groddeck, helped develop a more holistic view of the relationship between body and mind in the medical world of Europe. The significance of this connection continues to affect many areas of our lives today. Through the support of scientific study, aided by a framework of concepts arising from „humanistic psychology“, a better understanding of this viewpoint has evolved. TouchLife Massage follows a tradition of the art of massage that stands in direct relationship to the modern understanding of holistic health today. Therefore, when we work with a client’s body, we are also facilitating their emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

In 1984, after graduating as an A.M.T.A. approved massage therapist at Heartwood College, Ca, Frank B. Leder founded a holistic concept of massage in his private practice for massage and therapy back in Frankfurt, Germany.

Kali Sylvia Gräfin von Kalckreuth joined him in 1987 to live and work together. Her background in other forms of bodywork served to expand and deepen their understanding of classical massage and acupressure. Harmonizing also the subtle energy systems of the body has become an integral part of TouchLife Massage – during which you, as the client, always remain the focal point.

This method was formalized and made public by its two founders under the name „TouchLife – The Holistic Massage originated by Leder & von Kalckreuth“ and has been taught by the TouchLife School for Holistic Massage since 1989.

TouchLife School for Holistic Massage

The TouchLife basic training, which is comprised of 275 hours, is attended by beginners as well as participants with prior knowledge of massage. The training is spread over a one year period and is completed by taking an exam supervised by a physician. In addition to the basic training, a broad spectrum of advanced courses (additional 1000 hrs in total) is offered, many of which are attended by our graduates. Classes are held in German in 9 different schools including Austria. The TouchLife School for Holistic Massage places the traditional art of massage within a holistic understanding of human beings.

How long is a TouchLife Massage?

A complete session usually lasts 90 minutes, wherein the TouchLife School recommends 60 minutes for the actual massage. This amount of time allows for a gentle induction, a more intensive phase of work in the tension zones, and an integrative ending to the massage. The bodywork is complemented by approximately 30 minutes of dialogue prior to and after the massage, including a rest period. For a 90 minute appointment practitioners charge approximately EUR 90.-. Shorter, as well as longer, versions of this holistic massage are offered by some practitioners.

In order to loosen up the body and build trust, a TouchLife Massage begins with calming expressions of touch. This is followed by concentrated work on one or more tension zones using firmer handholds with more pressure, which can be intensified upon the client’s request. What follows is a phase of deep relaxation, enhanced by an appropriate sequence of strokes. The last phase serves to round off and integrate the experience through long stroking movements and energy balancing techniques. A rest period of 10 minutes directly after the massage is recommended.

The ideal massage is one which is tailored to fit the client’s needs every time. YOU decide what’s needed! This means that during the dialogue prior to your session, your input will help determine the primary concentration of the masssage: Which part of your body is asking for attention? What kind of massage does it need?

Your practitioner will of course aid you in your choices. He or she can massage your back for an hour or, what can often be even more useful, take that time to work on back and legs/arms or even on the entire body. The great advantage of proceeding in this manner is that each TouchLife Massage can be adapted to meet your emerging needs. By sharing the responsibility for how to proceed with your practitioner, you will feel the difference between a routine massage and one that has been designed exclusively for and by youu.

The method used in a TouchLife Massage is a synthesis of five elements:

  • Massage techniques
  • Dialogue
  • Energy-balancing
  • Breath
  • Mindfulness and Awareness
  1. Massage techniques
    More than 100 massage strokes, acupressure and loosening techniques make up the basic repertoire of a TouchLife Massage. Schooled hands use a well-balanced combination of these to create a massage that will bring about the optimal effect for you in each session.
  2. Dialogue
    Every massage is preceeded by a dialogue in which your individual needs are discussed. You can then enjoy the massage in silence or feel free to relate any thoughts that arise or ask any questions that pop up. After the massage, your experience with the TouchLife Massage is discussed and reflected upon.
  3. Energy balancing
    Energy balancing is not only achieved through the action of the massage itself, but primarily through the laying on of stationary hands – often coming into contact with the body while it is still covered. The TouchLife Massage begins and ends with these energetic hand positions, which can also be integrated into the massage itself. The effect perceived here is not achieved through pressure, stroking or other forms of physical manipulation; it is more that the energy field that surrounds and permeates the body is being affected. This energizing effect is often accompanied by an expanded state of mind.
  4. Breath
    Ideally, the tempo and pressure of every massage stroke is adapted to the breathing rhythm of the person receiving the massage. By consciously integrating your breathing into the massage experience, deep relaxation and the dissolving of emotional and energy blocks can more easily be achieved. Experiencing your breath flowing freely brings feelings of deep contentment and delight.
  5. Mindfulness and Awareness
    You will have the full attention of your massage practitioner throughout the entire duration of your TouchLife Massage. The ability to concentrate on the massage while remaining sensitive to the client’s needs is a part of the TouchLife training. Attentiveness is an important defining characteristic for our practitioners, for it is through attentive care that all other details of the technique are enhanced. A massage administered with great sensitivity and respect is the end result.

The TouchLife Massage is founded on the belief that the body and mind form a mutually connected and interdependent unity. The goal of a TouchLife Massage is to promote this mind-body consciousness and support it on various levels: physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual.

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